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Auerbachs Keller Leipzig

Table Breakfast Board / Cutting board

Our breakfast board is a real gem for each table.
And a nice longtime trophy.

Price: 12,90 EUR

Gift cards

Gift cards can redeem in our restaurant, in the "Mephistobar" and also in our in house gift shop.

Price: 50,00 EUR

Wine tumbler

Our rustic wine tumbler is a little reminiscent of Dr. Heinrich Stromer of Auerbach, who began to serving wine to his students in his cellar in 1525.

Price: 8,50 EUR

Guests in Auerbachs Keller

More then over 90 million people have visited Auerbachs Keller Leipzig since 1525. The book is a compendium of contemporary history about people and events from around the world from 1851 to 1912.

Price: 19,90 EUR

Tin Sign

Tin Sign with a historical postcard image from “Auerbachs Keller Leipzig”
This versatile and durable tin sign is lightweight and easy to hang.

Price: 19,90 EUR


In 1525 began the extra ordinary success story of the Auerbachs Keller. Join in Axel Thielmann on an exciting journey and experience the magical feeling that is the Auerbachs Keller.

Price: 10,00 EUR